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Crypto Club
Crypto Club
Treasure Hunt Clue Generator
Treasure Hunt Clues

Create Your Own Treasure Hunt
Follow Steps 1-2-3 to:
Create clues for your hunt

Encrypt your clues

Print your clues in ready-to-use format

Sample Hunt
Image of a classroom
Click for a sample
classroom treasure hunt.

Sample Clues
In a treasure hunt, players follow a trail of encrypted clues in the classroom, playground, or other location to find a hidden treasure at the end. Click on locations to see the sample clues.

Step 1 - Create Clues
First, give your hunt a title:
Then choose the number of clues in your treasure hunt:
  • A good hunt has about 5 clues.
  • Make as many lines for your clues as there will be students in a group, so each student can work on a different line.

Sample Clues

Step 2 - Encrypt
Select your cipher and keys.
Image of Vigenere
Image of Wheel
Step 3 - Review and Print

Here is a summary of your hunt. If you want to change anything, click the buttons above to go back to the appropriate step.

When you print your hunt, your printout will contain:
  • Directions for setting up your hunt.
  • A clue summary, like the table above.
  • Clue sheets to cut into clue strips like this sample:

Your Own Cipher
Type your cipher's name and key as you want them to appear on the printed clue.

Encrypt the clue with your cipher and type the ciphertext below the plaintext.
Cipher Name:
Key or Other
Info to Display